Default Medals



What a crazy 2 weeks it has been! I’ve been running a few miles a few days a week. I missed my long run last weekend due to crazy work and traveling schedules.

BUT, today I ran a 5k to support the ADA (something I really like but that’s for another post!), and it wasn’t too bad! I got in at 33:30.4 which is pretty good considering the heat and how little I have been training.

But that’s not all!! I got a medal for being 3rd out of 3 in my age group haha! I wasn’t too far behind 2nd place which made me feel good. Any day I get a medal is a good day! It was fun to support a great cause and enjoy a 5k in my hometown!

I know people shame default medals sometimes, but I’m here to celebrate default medals!

I think sometimes, it is ok to be happy with a default medal. Sometimes, you’ve had two years of not training and eating poorly, and you’re trying to get back out there and get healthy again. Sometimes, you need a default medal to know that you can get back to where you once were as a runner.

Here’s to finding encouragement in the little things!!

What is a little thing you find encouraging?

What do you love most about small races?

Week 1 DONE!!


Woohoo!! I’m happy to say I completed all of my schedule runs (& then some!) last week! Here is what my week looked like:

Monday- REST before the big race on Tuesday. We went to the expo, shopped, and ate some delicious food.

Tuesday- PEACHTREE!! My favorite race of all time! I didn’t do as well as I am used to at a 1 hour 16 minute 10K, but hey, I completed the race!

Wednesday- 2 mile recovery run in the middle of the day! What was I thinking? I ran in a hilly area at noon, but it wasn’t actually that bad, and maybe I burned some extra calories!

Thursday- 3 mile run in the morning, not too bad, but a slow time.

Friday- REST! I did take my dog for a nice long walk Friday night.

Saturday- 4 miles aka my first “long run” of the half marathon training. It went really well. I ran the entire first mile without walking which is something I had been struggling with this week. My legs were tired, but the weather was perfect and the route was fairly flat.

Overall, a great first week of training kick-started by the Peachtree! I can’t wait for the next Peachtree when I will have trained for the run!! One thing I struggled with this week was tired legs. I felt like I was running through concrete, and I can’t tell if it was because I am starting pretty much from the beginning with running, or if something else is causing it like not fueling properly.

What are some tips you have to deal with tired legs?

What do you do to fuel for weekly workouts?



Back into the Swing of Things


As runners, we all make (or at least try to make) running a priority in our lives.  Sometimes, it’s really easy to do this, but sometimes, life gets in the way.

For me, it was the beginning of a new semester of school.  For the first two months of school, I ran once and that was a 10k on Labor Day (which was ROUGH let me tell you..haha!)  But finally in the beginning of October I realized that I should probably get training for my half marathon on Thanksgiving.  So in slight panic about how little time I had to train and how little I had run in the past 2.5 months, I got back into the swing of things!

It can be really hard to make running a part of your regular routine after a long time off.  I have found three things help me to get motivated to get out there again:

1. Sign up for a race!  I mentioned this in an earlier post about staying motivated after a big race, and this truly is one of the best ways to get motivated to run again.  No one wants to go into a race knowing they didn’t train at all, so if you sign up for a race, it will be a huge motivator to get out running.

2. Schedule your run like a meeting!  If you find yourself saying you are going to run, but then finding an excuse not to do it, schedule your runs like meetings.  You wouldn’t skip a meeting just because you didn’t want to go, so if you treat your run like a meeting, you will be less likely to skip!

3. Make a Goal Chart!  This is one of my favorite ways to motivate myself to run.  Every time I finish a race, I make a new chart to help me visualize how I am going to reach my goal for the next race.  This helps to break the goal into bite-sized pieces so it isn’t as intimidating.  It also motivates you because you know exactly what you have to do for the day!

Next time you find that life has gotten in the way of your running, try one of these ideas to get back on the road!



It was all worth it…


“It was all worth it…”

I don’t like to listen to music while I run, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to listen to music!  I love jamming out in the car, at home, whenever and wherever.  I currently love Timeflies (I’m actually listening to them right now), they have some really great songs to jam to and their music has a different style that I love.  When I was training for my half marathon, I was listening to their song “Worth It” and I actually listened to the lyrics (you know how you can “listen” to a song 100 times and not actually pay attention to the lyrics or what they mean) and it really spoke to me because I was having trouble staying motivated to train for the half marathon.

“How can you stop, when its everything you dreamed
And there’s so far left to run
How can you quit when its all you’ve ever wanted
And you don’t know what’s to come
But don’t you see this is what you hurt for
And this could be all you’ve ever worked for

One step down
With a million left to go
Its just us now
And I wanna let you know
That it was all worth it
It was all worth it”

(Kinda sounds like it was made for running right? 🙂 )

But I was having trouble with wondering why I was running the half, and if I should even bother.  I originally wanted to run the half marathon because I wanted to lose weight, and I quickly learned that the right diet is also key in weight loss. [shocker]  And I wasn’t really game for getting on that.  Then I listened to this song and it reminded me how could I stop when I worked so hard to get where I was? I couldn’t quit that close, so I stuck with it and whenever I felt like quitting, I listened to this song again.

I hope you find some inspiration from these lyrics [this is just the first verse and chorus] Listen to the whole song and check out Timeflies! They’re the best!

Happy Friday!


A Little Thank You


So I know I have only been blogging for a few days, but yesterday was the start of my training. I had said Sunday that I was going to run 3 miles on Monday, but when Monday came, I did NOT want to run. Then I thought about my blog, and I didn’t want to have to report that I had skipped a run on the first day of training! So thank you for keeping me motivated to do my workouts when I don’t want to!

Keep running!

Atlanta Half Marathon 11/28/13


Last August, I got the insane idea that it would be fun to run a half marathon.  Who knows what I was thinking (I had probably just come back from a long, hot, summer run 😉 ), but I signed up for it and began training.  About the middle of September, I started slacking off on my training, and I got back at it hard in the end of October.  That month really hurt me in the long run, but it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be.  I ended up running with a time of 2:13:13, and I only thought I was going to die once! Haha

The race itself was very well organized (like all Atlanta Track Club events are.)  The race started out at Turner Field in Atlanta.  There were plenty of porta-potties.  There were about 14,000 people in all of the start waves.  It was crowded, but that is what you expect when you sign up for a big race in the city.  The race started about 8:00 and the first couple of miles flew by.  Before I knew it, we were running through Atlantic Station and Piedmont Park.  There was water and Gatorade every two miles and energy jelly beans at mile 8.  The crowds were fairly good considering the weather and the holiday.  The roads were blocked off with enough room for all of the runners, and we were not squished together when we were running, especially toward the last half of the race.  There were a few big hills that were killer, but coming from the country, I am used to running lots of hills, so it wasn’t too bad.

The weather that morning was something.  It was about 28 degrees at the start of the race and got up to a balmy 37 during the race!  The wind was bad and there was an ice problem around water stations.  The volunteers did their best to keep the people from slipping, but ice is inevitable in those temperatures.  I never slipped, but some people did (all of them that I saw were able to keep running!)  The volunteers made the best of the conditions and always kept a smile on their faces (though I don’t see how they did).

At the end of the race, they had medals and mylar blankets for all of the runners.  There were also waters, gatorades, and delicious snack boxes for everyone.  There was a lot of parking for runners/spectators.  Security was good as well; there were police officers all along the course and at the finish line.  I really enjoyed this race and it was a great first half marathon.  It was also cool to see Atlanta from a different perspective.

the first step…


My name is Clare and I am a student.  I play tennis(since I was 14) and I have been running off and on for about a 1.5 years now.  I am starting this blog to encourage myself to begin running and to foster community among other runners like me.  I balance a busy schedule between classes, internships, tennis, and social activists.  I am looking to eventually run a marathon in the next year or two, and my ultimate long-term goal is to run the Boston Marathon.  That is a lofty goal, but I will achieve it.  I have trouble staying motivated to run consistently and maintain the healthy diet needed to be a runner, so I am hoping to gain motivation from writing this blog.

I will mainly be posting about my progress with running, races I have run, and some general posts about life and other fun things!  I plan on keeping this blog upbeat and fun.  Feel free to leave comments, but please keep it clean and positive!

Thanks for reading,