Looking into the New Year


Every year that I have been running, I have tried to set a set a goal for the New Year that would challenge me, but was attainable.

Last year, I set out to get a 5k PR/good Peachtree Road Race Qualifier.  I ended up going from an average of a  28:30 5k to a 26:04 PR.  Not as good as I wanted, but still a great improvement for me.

This year, instead of time, I am going to focus on distance.  My goal for 2015 is to run a marathon.

I have run a half marathon (about to run another one!) and I am ready for a new challenge.  I’m not crazy about long distance running {a 10k is my favorite race} but I have always wanted to run a full marathon so this will be the year I will do it!

Any suggestions for a first-time marathoner?

What marathon should I sign up for?


I’m Back!


So having my wisdom teeth taken out wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! (and I lost 5 pounds haha)That being said, it kept me from running for a solid week.  Tomorrow, though, its time to hit the roads again!!  Since it is nearing Peachtree time, I am thinking of starting a new training plan geared towards a better 10k.  I am going to think about it this week while I follow my old training plan and maybe combine them for the best of both worlds.  Here’s what this week looks like:

Monday-3 miles


Wednesday-5 miles


Friday-3 miles

Saturday/Sunday- 10 miles

I am leaving for the beach Saturday, so I will play it by ear whether the long run is on Saturday or Sunday.

Here’s to a great week,


A Little Step Back-week 3 training recap


So this week I made one of the biggest running mistakes that I can think of…I skipped my long run. 😦  This weekend was crazy busy and all of the busy stuff was last-minute, unexpected stuff, but I had time to get in a 5 miler like my running plan called for.

BUT I’m NOT going to let this discourage me!  I am going to continue with my training and make up for the missed run this week!  Here is the next week in training(including today):

Monday-3 miles (Done!)

Tuesday-3 miles

Wednesday-5 miles

Thursday-4 miles


Saturday-9 miles


I am skipping cross-training this week, but I am trying to add in a little strength training starting this week with crunches and push-ups just for some muscle tone in my core and arms!

Funny story about tonight’s run:  I was going to run this afternoon after class, but it was almost 90 degrees and brutally sunny and NONE of my favorite running routes have shade on them at all! SO I decided to wait until tonight to run when I knew it would be cooler.  I started out around 8:30ish with the intention of running 5 miles to make up for the missed long run this week, and I was feeling really good (you know that amazing feeling where you feel like you are floating instead of running and you feel like you are running about 500 miles an hour?).  Then I saw it.  Lightning.  I don’t know why, but for some reason lightning always sends adrenaline coursing through my veins.  I am not scared of storms, I LOVE a good summer storm, but lightning in the distance just freaks me out!  And with darkness rapidly approaching, I couldn’t tell what was storm and what was just regular night (and admittedly, I don’t like to be outside alone at dark, for good reason being a woman and all).  So two of my biggest adrenaline-causers (I think I just made that word up): lighting and darkness.  Let me tell you, I ran like an elite runner in the Boston Marathon.  It was my best 3 mile time and pace in over 2 months!  I figured out the key to making me run fast: send me out to run right before a lightning storm! Haha!  I didn’t do all 5 miles just in case there was a storm coming, and I didn’t want to be out past dark, but it was probably a funny sight seeing me running for my life almost.

Here’s to a great week!


Oh! And its the last week of classes for me! YAY

Resurrecting my Running


Happy Easter everyone! I hope everybody has had a day filled with chocolate and Peeps!! Haha 🙂
Ever since I ran the last 5k in mid-March, I haven’t been running regularly.  I’ve run maybe 3 or 4 times since then, and I have the Peachtree coming up in July, which I would like to be in a little better shape for this year since it probably won’t be a cool 75 degrees and overcast this year!  I am also looking ahead to the fall, and I am considering doing at least another half marathon, if not a full. So here is my new statement of what I am going to do, and the main reason why I started this blog: I am going to resurrect my running habit and my love for running
I have decided to do the I have had problems sticking with training programs in the past, and I don’t remember ever finishing a training program, especially one for a big race.  I am going to sign up for monthly 5k and 10k races to keep me motivated to train.  I am also going to incorporate one day of cross training into my weeks as the schedule suggests.
Here is what I am hoping my week will look like in terms of my training:
Monday- 3 miles
Tuesday- 3 miles
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- 3 miles
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 6 miles
Sunday- Cross Train (30 minutes elliptical)
I hope some of you will join me in running or walking this week! It is never too late in life to start running or walking.
Here’s to resurrecting my running and my love for the sport!