Default Medals



What a crazy 2 weeks it has been! I’ve been running a few miles a few days a week. I missed my long run last weekend due to crazy work and traveling schedules.

BUT, today I ran a 5k to support the ADA (something I really like but that’s for another post!), and it wasn’t too bad! I got in at 33:30.4 which is pretty good considering the heat and how little I have been training.

But that’s not all!! I got a medal for being 3rd out of 3 in my age group haha! I wasn’t too far behind 2nd place which made me feel good. Any day I get a medal is a good day! It was fun to support a great cause and enjoy a 5k in my hometown!

I know people shame default medals sometimes, but I’m here to celebrate default medals!

I think sometimes, it is ok to be happy with a default medal. Sometimes, you’ve had two years of not training and eating poorly, and you’re trying to get back out there and get healthy again. Sometimes, you need a default medal to know that you can get back to where you once were as a runner.

Here’s to finding encouragement in the little things!!

What is a little thing you find encouraging?

What do you love most about small races?


Goals for May


I know it’s already May 8th, but it’s never too late to set goals for yourself! And I thought with summer coming quickly, what better time to set some goals? Sooo… Here are my goals for the month of MAY!
(Not all are fitness related, some have to do with more personal happiness things because I’m trying to be happier and stress less as well!)

1. Lose 6-7 pounds. This would put me back at what I weighed last summer and would give me a good head start on summer weight loss. I’ve done it before and I CAN do it again!

2. Run all of my workouts between now and my surgery on the 23rd. This is so I won’t be too far behind on my training for the Peachtree/marathon when I get back at it!

3. Read a book. A lot of my friends have recommended Divergent, and I want to read the book before I see the movie!

4. Buy myself some cute summer clothes. This will be a hard one on a student’s budget, but maybe (and this is a big maybe!) I can get my mom to go shopping with me when I get home! Haha

5. Make it through this semester (only 1 more week!) with all A’s. I’m super proud of my grades this semester, and I don’t wanna ruin it here at the last minute!!

So there’s my goals for May! I encourage you to set some goals for yourself for May! I would love to hear about some of YOUR goals! You can do it!


P.S.- this was too funny not to put on here!