Week 1 DONE!!


Woohoo!! I’m happy to say I completed all of my schedule runs (& then some!) last week! Here is what my week looked like:

Monday- REST before the big race on Tuesday. We went to the expo, shopped, and ate some delicious food.

Tuesday- PEACHTREE!! My favorite race of all time! I didn’t do as well as I am used to at a 1 hour 16 minute 10K, but hey, I completed the race!

Wednesday- 2 mile recovery run in the middle of the day! What was I thinking? I ran in a hilly area at noon, but it wasn’t actually that bad, and maybe I burned some extra calories!

Thursday- 3 mile run in the morning, not too bad, but a slow time.

Friday- REST! I did take my dog for a nice long walk Friday night.

Saturday- 4 miles aka my first “long run” of the half marathon training. It went really well. I ran the entire first mile without walking which is something I had been struggling with this week. My legs were tired, but the weather was perfect and the route was fairly flat.

Overall, a great first week of training kick-started by the Peachtree! I can’t wait for the next Peachtree when I will have trained for the run!! One thing I struggled with this week was tired legs. I felt like I was running through concrete, and I can’t tell if it was because I am starting pretty much from the beginning with running, or if something else is causing it like not fueling properly.

What are some tips you have to deal with tired legs?

What do you do to fuel for weekly workouts?




Back at it


Hey everyone! It has been a super long time since I blogged last, but I’m still here! The past few months have been crazy busy, but things are finally winding down with summer being here!

I have not had as much time to run as I used to, but I have been fitting it in when I can.  I am running the Peachtree Road Race again in July, and I am super excited about that!!

One thing I am hoping to do in the next few months is train for and run a marathon.  After the Peachtree, I hope to build up to be able to complete a marathon.  That has been one of my biggest goals since I started running, but I have always been scared to try.  Last January, my sister and dad ran a marathon in Charleston, SC, so I am thinking that could be a good race for my first marathon, but  haven’t decided yet.

What marathon in the southeastern US would you recommend for a first-time marathoner?

Also, what training plan would you recommend?

See you soon!



A Year Later


In training for my Thanksgiving Day half marathon last year, I ran a 10k trail race at a local park.  Prior to this race, I had not been training, really at all.  I ended up walking most of the race, especially since it has 3 majors hills in the last 3 miles, and my time was 1:16:02, which is about 15 minutes slower than my usual 10k time.

This year, I decided to take the challenge again to see if I could better my time.  I trained for about a month leading up to the race.  Race morning it was SUPER cold and windy, and I was a little nervous about how the weather would affect me since I hadn’t gotten used to the cold yet.

On the first turn around, they did not make it clear where we were supposed to turn around, so everyone made the mistake of running too far.  When we got into the woods, there was a really long downhill, so I took advantage of that and gave myself a nice lead over the other runners.  I felt good the entire race {except those brutal uphills!} and never walked which is a goal I had for this race.

I ended up coming in 1st overall for the women and 3rd overall for everyone.  Granted this race only had 16 people, but hey, I’ll take it!  My time was 1:09:28 which is not what I was hoping for, but it was a 5 minute improvement on last year.

Have you ever run a race one year and then run it again the next year to see how you improved? Also, any last minute tips for my half marathon in 3 weeks are welcome! 🙂

It’s Tomorrow!!


I am so so so excited because TOMORROW IS THE PEACHTREE!! This is my second time running it, and this year my sister is running it with my dad and I. [We are actually headed to Atlanta now!]. I love this race and everything surrounding it.
•The expo is really fun and there’s a lot of free stuff {which is great for a college student}
•I love the atmosphere of the race. It’s so patriotic and it’s just an overall fun race. Tons of people line the streets to cheer on runners, and I didn’t feel like this race was a 10k. The miles flew by.
•The post-race festivities at Piedmont Park are super fun too! There are free peaches, ice cream sandwiches, water, sports drinks, and of course the coveted finisher shirt.
I basically love everything about the race and I’m super excited if you can’t tell!! I will post a recap of it in the next few days!
Happy 4th of July too!!



AJC Peachtree Road Race 6/4/13


I ran my first 10k last July at the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta. The Peachtree is a long standing Fourth of July tradition in Atlanta. It has become so popular that runners have a week to enter into a random lottery and 60,000 people are chosen at random to run. It is a huge event and draws huge crowds along the course and at the finish area.
The race started near Phipps plaza. There were the seeded runners, the sub-seeded runners, then waves A-Y. I was in wave F along with my dad. I suggest getting there early to find your start wave, use the restroom if necessary, and stretch. We stayed in a hotel near the start area to make getting there easier because there is limited parking for 60,000 people. It is easy to find your start wave and move around once you get to the start area.
The course itself is not extremely difficult. There are two hills that are not fun though. Cardiac hill is one of these hills, but it isn’t the death trap many people make it out to be if you have any kind of running experience with hills. There is water every mile and misters along the course.
The crowds are very fun along the course and restaurants and businesses get really into it. For example, Moe’s sometimes hands out shirts and Mellow Mushroom gives out pizza and beer. Some people drink along the course but more competitive runners and families are able to avoid this pretty easily, especially in the front waves.
At the finish at Piedmont Park, they gave out the bags with the coveted Peachtree Road Race finisher t-shirts. They also handed out fresh Georgia peaches, ice cream sandwiches, water, Powerade, cold towels, and many other post-race essentials. The atmosphere was fun and it was crowded.
The weather for us was beautiful. It was a rainy week, but the rain had stopped and it was overcast which is nice for a race in July in the south! Normally it is about 80-90 degrees or more at the Peachtree, but the temperatures last year were amazing!
I had a lot of fun at the Peachtree and my time was 1:04:54, which is still my personal best 10k. I am running it again this year with my dad and sister.

This is a picture from the starting line last year.