Week 1 DONE!!


Woohoo!! I’m happy to say I completed all of my schedule runs (& then some!) last week! Here is what my week looked like:

Monday- REST before the big race on Tuesday. We went to the expo, shopped, and ate some delicious food.

Tuesday- PEACHTREE!! My favorite race of all time! I didn’t do as well as I am used to at a 1 hour 16 minute 10K, but hey, I completed the race!

Wednesday- 2 mile recovery run in the middle of the day! What was I thinking? I ran in a hilly area at noon, but it wasn’t actually that bad, and maybe I burned some extra calories!

Thursday- 3 mile run in the morning, not too bad, but a slow time.

Friday- REST! I did take my dog for a nice long walk Friday night.

Saturday- 4 miles aka my first “long run” of the half marathon training. It went really well. I ran the entire first mile without walking which is something I had been struggling with this week. My legs were tired, but the weather was perfect and the route was fairly flat.

Overall, a great first week of training kick-started by the Peachtree! I can’t wait for the next Peachtree when I will have trained for the run!! One thing I struggled with this week was tired legs. I felt like I was running through concrete, and I can’t tell if it was because I am starting pretty much from the beginning with running, or if something else is causing it like not fueling properly.

What are some tips you have to deal with tired legs?

What do you do to fuel for weekly workouts?



Week 2 training recap


So my second week of marathon training is done! I completed all my workouts this week and then some! On Tuesday instead of doing the 3 mile workout like I had planned, I went ahead and did 5 miles because it was a great day and I was feeling good! That was probably my favorite run this week.
For this week, here is my schedule:
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 3 miles
Wednesday- 4 miles
Thursday- 3 miles
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 5 miles
Sunday- cross train for 30 minutes

This week is gonna be crazy with finals, so I am trying to be flexible with the days I run. Here’s to (trying to have) a great week! Haha


Marathon training Week 1 recap


I am proud to say that I completed all of my runs for the first week of my training! I did not get to do the elliptical yesterday, but I completed all of my runs. I have already seen the benefit from blogging because I didn’t want to have to admit to my readers that I didn’t do one of my workouts, so thank you for motivating me. I’m excited to step it up a little in the week ahead!
Here is my training schedule this week:
Tuesday-3 miles
Wednesday-3 miles
Thursday-3 miles
Saturday-7 miles
Sunday-elliptical 30 mins/other cross training

Here’s to a great week!