Brooks Ravenna 4 Shoe Review


One of the most important components of running a good race is the shoes!! And I am absolutely IN LOVE with my most recent pair of shoes, the Women’s Brooks Ravenna 4.


I have always had flat feet.  My first pair of running shoes were minimalist shoes, and they worked well for me, but then I tried shoes with more stability.  I recommend Brooks Ravenna 4 if you have flat arches, or just want shoes with a little more stability.  I have had less pain in my arches since I got these shoes, and my feet just feel better overall.

These shoes feel very light [they weigh 9.0 oz] and feel amazing, especially for people who like a little support but don’t want to feel like they are restricted,  They also provide great cushioning, which I enjoy since 99.9% of my running is on the road.  I have seen a lot of improvement in my shin splints since switching to these shoes.

Overall, the Brooks Ravenna 4 is a great pair of shoes. {Plus Runner’s World magazine named them “Best Buy” in their Spring 2013 shoe guide.}  I would definitely recommend to give them a try next time you need a new pair of shoes.
(This was not a sponsored review of the shoes, I just wanted to share my experiences with them with you!)