Switch it Up


Lately my running has felt a little boring.  There is a one mile loop near my college that I run over and over and OVER for almost every run.  I use it because I know exactly how far I’ve run and I feel very safe there since security is always driving around and there are a TON of people running and walking this route.

But today I decided I have had enough of boring runs where I loop the same buildings 4 to 5 times a run, so I decided to try some new things to mix up my workouts.

I have never run on a treadmill.  Sure, I have used a treadmill, but never for a scheduled run.  So today I went to the rec center at my college {I’ll admit for the first time since I got here in August} and ran 4 miles on the treadmill.  It wasn’t the most exciting run ever, but it was something new and different.

It is so important to switch up things when you are running, especially when you train for long distance races like I am right now.  Running the same 2 or 3 routes can get very monotonous and make running not as fun.  And when running isn’t as fun, you have less motivation to get your workout in or complete your workout once you start it [especially if you run by your car 5 times during your run…]

What are some of your favorite ways to switch up your running and keep things interesting?


Back into the Swing of Things


As runners, we all make (or at least try to make) running a priority in our lives.  Sometimes, it’s really easy to do this, but sometimes, life gets in the way.

For me, it was the beginning of a new semester of school.  For the first two months of school, I ran once and that was a 10k on Labor Day (which was ROUGH let me tell you..haha!)  But finally in the beginning of October I realized that I should probably get training for my half marathon on Thanksgiving.  So in slight panic about how little time I had to train and how little I had run in the past 2.5 months, I got back into the swing of things!

It can be really hard to make running a part of your regular routine after a long time off.  I have found three things help me to get motivated to get out there again:

1. Sign up for a race!  I mentioned this in an earlier post about staying motivated after a big race, and this truly is one of the best ways to get motivated to run again.  No one wants to go into a race knowing they didn’t train at all, so if you sign up for a race, it will be a huge motivator to get out running.

2. Schedule your run like a meeting!  If you find yourself saying you are going to run, but then finding an excuse not to do it, schedule your runs like meetings.  You wouldn’t skip a meeting just because you didn’t want to go, so if you treat your run like a meeting, you will be less likely to skip!

3. Make a Goal Chart!  This is one of my favorite ways to motivate myself to run.  Every time I finish a race, I make a new chart to help me visualize how I am going to reach my goal for the next race.  This helps to break the goal into bite-sized pieces so it isn’t as intimidating.  It also motivates you because you know exactly what you have to do for the day!

Next time you find that life has gotten in the way of your running, try one of these ideas to get back on the road!