My Week In Running


This week was better than I expected it to be with running and nutrition and everything!  I had to take my little sister to her cross country practice four times this week, which was a perfect time for me to get my running in as well.  This was my running week:

Sunday-Rest & Yoga {Yoga was really fun! I recommend trying it!}


Tuesday- 4 miles

Wednesday-30 minutes on the elliptical

Thursday- 3 miles

Friday- 3 miles

Saturday- 6 miles

Today’s long run was hard to make myself do, but once I did it I was really happy.  This is the first time I’ve run 6 miles in a while, and I have the Peachtree Road Race 10k [6.2 miles] in 2 weeks!  I still struggle with the guilty {this is the best way to describe it} feeling I get when I don’t do super long runs, but I just tell myself that this is the best distance for me to be doing NOW and I can build up to doing more and more miles in the future.  It is definitely getting better now that I am running more consistently.

I have also noticed a correlation (I think that’s how you spell it) between my running and my eating habits.  On the days I run, I am able to have more control over my eating and I tend to not go for extra snacks during the day.  And on the days I don’t run, I find myself snacking more and eating more than I need to.  Sometimes runners find they eat more during training because they are hungrier from burning more calories, but I find it easier to control my cravings if I have been running!

I’m hoping to log some more great miles this week!  I have a busy week ahead of me, but I’m gonna do it!




Brooks Ravenna 4 Shoe Review


One of the most important components of running a good race is the shoes!! And I am absolutely IN LOVE with my most recent pair of shoes, the Women’s Brooks Ravenna 4.


I have always had flat feet.  My first pair of running shoes were minimalist shoes, and they worked well for me, but then I tried shoes with more stability.  I recommend Brooks Ravenna 4 if you have flat arches, or just want shoes with a little more stability.  I have had less pain in my arches since I got these shoes, and my feet just feel better overall.

These shoes feel very light [they weigh 9.0 oz] and feel amazing, especially for people who like a little support but don’t want to feel like they are restricted,  They also provide great cushioning, which I enjoy since 99.9% of my running is on the road.  I have seen a lot of improvement in my shin splints since switching to these shoes.

Overall, the Brooks Ravenna 4 is a great pair of shoes. {Plus Runner’s World magazine named them “Best Buy” in their Spring 2013 shoe guide.}  I would definitely recommend to give them a try next time you need a new pair of shoes.
(This was not a sponsored review of the shoes, I just wanted to share my experiences with them with you!)

Week in Paradise


In case it wasn’t clear in my last post, I absolutely LOVE the beach and everything about it!! Unfortunately, we had to come home today, but I did have a great time and got in a lot of running. This is what my week was like:
Sunday- 7 miles total (4 in the morning+3 in the evening)
Monday- 5 miles
Tuesday- 2.4ish miles easy run because I was very sore
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- 5 miles
Friday- 3 miles
Saturday- rest

I’m really hoping I will keep this up after I get home. It’s gonna take some real motivation just because I don’t like running where I live, but I will do it! It’s good to be back to running after my surgery.

My nutrition this week wasn’t that terrible either. I hit or was very close to my calorie goal all of the days except for 2. I’m hoping to keep this ip after I get home, too.

I’m gonna miss the beach SO much, and I’m counting down the days until I can hopefully live there. But until then, I will be training and trying not to miss it too much.

Here’s to a great week!


Back on Track


Just wanted to start off by saying that I am writing this post while sitting on the beach!! I am in my happy place! 🙂

So after my wisdom teeth surgery, I took 2 weeks off of running. One week was probably necessary, but the second week was just laziness. Now that I’m at the beach, I have been running with my sister who runs cross country, and I’m getting back on track! I absolutely LOVE running in different places and on vacations especially. I get bored really easily with the same routes over and over, so this has been a nice way to get myself motivated again. Here’s what my week has looked like so far:

Sunday- 4 miles in AM + 3 miles in PM (and a shirt post run swim in the ocean that felt AMAZING!!) [done]
Monday- 5 miles [Done]

I don’t know what I will do the rest of the week. I will probably go by feel. All of my runs will be 3+ miles, but I haven’t decided how many days I will run, and how long each day. I am running with my sister, so it depends on her cross-country training.

This week is going to increase my weekly mileage. It won’t be easy, but hopefully it will give me a confidence boost that I CAN increase my mileage and do more than 4 runs a week.

I am also getting back into a good nutrition routine again after my wisdom teeth. I went from not being able to eat much at all {and losing about 5 pounds!!} to being able to eat again {and not running or exercising at all} and gaining it all back, so I am combining exercise with a good diet to get to where I want to be weight-wise. It’s difficult at the beach with all the good food and eating out, but I am trying to make good choices at restaurants and with cooking.

Here’s to a great week at the beach!


PS- the picture is my sister and I running into ocean after our 3 miler last night. This was the best feeling in the world.


I’m Back!


So having my wisdom teeth taken out wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be! (and I lost 5 pounds haha)That being said, it kept me from running for a solid week.  Tomorrow, though, its time to hit the roads again!!  Since it is nearing Peachtree time, I am thinking of starting a new training plan geared towards a better 10k.  I am going to think about it this week while I follow my old training plan and maybe combine them for the best of both worlds.  Here’s what this week looks like:

Monday-3 miles


Wednesday-5 miles


Friday-3 miles

Saturday/Sunday- 10 miles

I am leaving for the beach Saturday, so I will play it by ear whether the long run is on Saturday or Sunday.

Here’s to a great week,