Week 4 training recap


So this week, I kept my promise and I did all of the scheduled runs plus the long run I missed from last week (only because it was a shorter distance). This turned out to be not such a good idea because when I got done with my 9 miler yesterday, I noticed some really bad pain in my right foot. My dad is a physical therapist, so I asked him to look at it, and he thinks it’s just some tendonitis, so he taped it and told me to not run until Monday night. Hopefully it will get better by then. This is the most I’ve ever stuck with a training plan, so I really don’t want to mess that up with an injury!
Here’s my schedule for this week (IF no further injuries occur)
Monday- 3 miles
Tuesday- rest
Wednesday- 5 miles
Thursday- 3 miles
Friday- 10 miles(maybe)
Friday, I’m having my wisdom teeth out, so I’m taking a week off of running to heal from that, then I’ll be back in full swing! (Any tips for running after a surgery like wisdom teeth are appreciated!)

Here’s to a great first week of summer for me!



A Little Step Back-week 3 training recap


So this week I made one of the biggest running mistakes that I can think of…I skipped my long run. 😦  This weekend was crazy busy and all of the busy stuff was last-minute, unexpected stuff, but I had time to get in a 5 miler like my running plan called for.

BUT I’m NOT going to let this discourage me!  I am going to continue with my training and make up for the missed run this week!  Here is the next week in training(including today):

Monday-3 miles (Done!)

Tuesday-3 miles

Wednesday-5 miles

Thursday-4 miles


Saturday-9 miles


I am skipping cross-training this week, but I am trying to add in a little strength training starting this week with crunches and push-ups just for some muscle tone in my core and arms!

Funny story about tonight’s run:  I was going to run this afternoon after class, but it was almost 90 degrees and brutally sunny and NONE of my favorite running routes have shade on them at all! SO I decided to wait until tonight to run when I knew it would be cooler.  I started out around 8:30ish with the intention of running 5 miles to make up for the missed long run this week, and I was feeling really good (you know that amazing feeling where you feel like you are floating instead of running and you feel like you are running about 500 miles an hour?).  Then I saw it.  Lightning.  I don’t know why, but for some reason lightning always sends adrenaline coursing through my veins.  I am not scared of storms, I LOVE a good summer storm, but lightning in the distance just freaks me out!  And with darkness rapidly approaching, I couldn’t tell what was storm and what was just regular night (and admittedly, I don’t like to be outside alone at dark, for good reason being a woman and all).  So two of my biggest adrenaline-causers (I think I just made that word up): lighting and darkness.  Let me tell you, I ran like an elite runner in the Boston Marathon.  It was my best 3 mile time and pace in over 2 months!  I figured out the key to making me run fast: send me out to run right before a lightning storm! Haha!  I didn’t do all 5 miles just in case there was a storm coming, and I didn’t want to be out past dark, but it was probably a funny sight seeing me running for my life almost.

Here’s to a great week!


Oh! And its the last week of classes for me! YAY

Goals for May


I know it’s already May 8th, but it’s never too late to set goals for yourself! And I thought with summer coming quickly, what better time to set some goals? Sooo… Here are my goals for the month of MAY!
(Not all are fitness related, some have to do with more personal happiness things because I’m trying to be happier and stress less as well!)

1. Lose 6-7 pounds. This would put me back at what I weighed last summer and would give me a good head start on summer weight loss. I’ve done it before and I CAN do it again!

2. Run all of my workouts between now and my surgery on the 23rd. This is so I won’t be too far behind on my training for the Peachtree/marathon when I get back at it!

3. Read a book. A lot of my friends have recommended Divergent, and I want to read the book before I see the movie!

4. Buy myself some cute summer clothes. This will be a hard one on a student’s budget, but maybe (and this is a big maybe!) I can get my mom to go shopping with me when I get home! Haha

5. Make it through this semester (only 1 more week!) with all A’s. I’m super proud of my grades this semester, and I don’t wanna ruin it here at the last minute!!

So there’s my goals for May! I encourage you to set some goals for yourself for May! I would love to hear about some of YOUR goals! You can do it!


P.S.- this was too funny not to put on here!


Week 2 training recap


So my second week of marathon training is done! I completed all my workouts this week and then some! On Tuesday instead of doing the 3 mile workout like I had planned, I went ahead and did 5 miles because it was a great day and I was feeling good! That was probably my favorite run this week.
For this week, here is my schedule:
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 3 miles
Wednesday- 4 miles
Thursday- 3 miles
Friday- Rest
Saturday- 5 miles
Sunday- cross train for 30 minutes

This week is gonna be crazy with finals, so I am trying to be flexible with the days I run. Here’s to (trying to have) a great week! Haha


It was all worth it…


“It was all worth it…”

I don’t like to listen to music while I run, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like to listen to music!  I love jamming out in the car, at home, whenever and wherever.  I currently love Timeflies (I’m actually listening to them right now), they have some really great songs to jam to and their music has a different style that I love.  When I was training for my half marathon, I was listening to their song “Worth It” and I actually listened to the lyrics (you know how you can “listen” to a song 100 times and not actually pay attention to the lyrics or what they mean) and it really spoke to me because I was having trouble staying motivated to train for the half marathon.

“How can you stop, when its everything you dreamed
And there’s so far left to run
How can you quit when its all you’ve ever wanted
And you don’t know what’s to come
But don’t you see this is what you hurt for
And this could be all you’ve ever worked for

One step down
With a million left to go
Its just us now
And I wanna let you know
That it was all worth it
It was all worth it”

(Kinda sounds like it was made for running right? 🙂 )

But I was having trouble with wondering why I was running the half, and if I should even bother.  I originally wanted to run the half marathon because I wanted to lose weight, and I quickly learned that the right diet is also key in weight loss. [shocker]  And I wasn’t really game for getting on that.  Then I listened to this song and it reminded me how could I stop when I worked so hard to get where I was? I couldn’t quit that close, so I stuck with it and whenever I felt like quitting, I listened to this song again.

I hope you find some inspiration from these lyrics [this is just the first verse and chorus] Listen to the whole song and check out Timeflies! They’re the best!

Happy Friday!